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SD-168(AM Acrylic System With Controller)

Frequency: 58KHz
Material: Acrylic
Dimension: 39.3cm(Height), 20.1cm(Width),  11.7cm(Depth), 18.7kg(Weight)

Mono: 1pcs/ctn, 0cbm,(166.5x49.5x14cm),24kg
Mono: 1pcs/ctn, 0cbm,(166.5x49.5x14cm),24kg
DR Label: 2x70cm(Mono), 140cm(Master/Slave) 

Mini Pencil: 2x95cm(Mono), 190cm(Master/Slave) 

Mini Pencil: 2x110cm(Mono), 220cm(Master/Slave) 

Mini Pencil: 2x120cm(Mono), 240cm(Master/Slave) 

Max Pencil: 2x140cm(Mono), 280cm(Master/Slave)

Main Features

Germany imported acrylic material, crystal clear appearance, beautiful and simple, fire-resistant, high temperature-resistant, never deformation

The widest protection range between two antennas can reach 2800mm. Can protect 8400mm width entrance with three antennas work synchronously. It is fused perfectly with the exquisite decoration of the malls, so it is suitable for the upmarket malls

AM mono system, one antenna can work independent; DSP technology, Self-tuning circuit; Zero false positives

Plug and play, Without any wiring; Self-regulating Synchronization ; Unique sound and light alarm; Can detect all the 58kHz soft label ,hard tags and special 58kHz tags

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